‘Being Mary Jane’: 10 Lessons I Learned From Season 2

For two seasons, Being Mary Jane has been a guiltless addiction that doesn’t warrant an intervention. Mara Brock Akil’s sensational scripted drama series has upgraded our musical palate with what we consider to be one of the absolute dopest playlists of any television series currently gracing the small screen.   Being Mary Jane has served as the catalyst of some of our best water cooler discussions and Twitter debates, and has even given us some pretty awesome quotes, life lessons and things that make us go “hmm?”

Ahead of the two-hour Season 3 premiere returning to BET on Tuesday, October 20, we present ten lessons from Season 2 that made us either question ourselves and others, reevaluate our choices, or raise a healthy glass of wine toasting to our lives being only half as dysfunctional as Mary Jane’s. Ah, life is good.  And on Tuesday life–scripted life, at least–only gets better.

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Join us on Twitter during the Season 3 premiere of Being Mary Jane as we live-tweet the first episode in between sips of wine and hors d’oeuvres of the moderately cheap and semi-unhealthy variety.

Being Mary Jane  Tuesdays at 10pm ET/PT on BET beginning October 20  

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